The Toyota Foundation International Grant Program
Japan & Korea Basic Education Joint Project

Record of Change and Progress

We are planning to present a record of various changes that occurred in promoting this project. During the two-year project period, we will present a total of 4 times from both side records, Japan and Korea. You can download the report from here. Also, we reflect on achievements and create and distribute videos to share it.



Four exchange programs are scheduled with the aim of exchanging practical knowledge and experience between Japan and Korea. The programs include meetings and class observations.

  • The 1st Meeting

    The first program was held in Osaka, Japan from December 1 through 3 in 2017. We had a study session to learn about the Act on Securement of Educational Opportunities Equivalent to Formal Education and visited evening middle schools in Osaka.

  • The 2nd Meeting

    The second program will be held in Korea around the middle of September 2018 in conjunction with the Month of Learning Festival. The program includes literacy class observation.

  • The 3rd Meeting

    We are planning to hold a workshop for "Joint Declaration on Basic Education in Japan and Korea " (tentative) in spring 2019 in Japan. Thirty participants including students are scheduled to attend the workshop from Korea.

  • The 4th Meeting

    We will hold an international symposium in Korea and release “Japan and Korea Joint Declaration on Basic Education” (tentative). We will review and conclude the project and discuss the future of basic education and our research in Japan, Korea and other Asian countries.